As the first natural beauty of North America Niagara Falls, with its magnificent momentum and abundant vast water is known as one of the seven wonders of the world. “China National Geographic magazine,” an article bluntly: “If you are not conquered by it, because you are too far away.” Now Niagara Falls Travel Guide to take you and its zero distance close contact. Niagara Falls Travel Guide Niagara Falls is located on the Niagara River at the junction of Canada and the United States. The Great Falls consists of three parts, the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. One of the most famous horseshoe-shaped waterfalls is located in Canada, its shape like horseshoe; the other two are located in the United States. In fact, in the United States to see only the side of Niagara Falls, and in Canada can see the whole picture. So the best route to see the waterfall is from Toronto, Canada, after an hour drive to arrive. Throughout the year, Niagara Falls is the most beautiful season in summer, which is the largest water, the most magnificent momentum. The Niagara River flows through the cliffs of more than 185 feet high, and the huge torrents together with the height of the cliffs, forming a huge momentum, so that the waterfall momentum, blew out, its momentum rainbow, deafening, Dangerous. You can look on the shore, waterfalls on both sides have a well-managed viewing platform and sightseeing plank road, where you can overlook the panorama of Niagara Falls, misty white mist exceptionally beautiful in the sunset. The most popular way to view the waterfall, or by boat near the travel, driving in the Niagara River on the waterfall, you can really feel the waterfall pouring under the water mist and spray, momentum surging, magnificent. If you want to enjoy the whole Niagara scenery, you can take a helicopter or hot ball in the air to enjoy the waterfall into the magnificent scenes of Lake Ontario, mountains and rivers gorge seamless, water green waves beautiful.
Niagara Falls Daytime Niagara Falls is magnificent, and at night is another scene. Waterfall on both sides of the star spotlight to the waterfall to find the crystal clear, shiny, colorful lights, together with the ups and downs of the water mist to make the Great Falls enveloped in a misty blurred environment. This is also a unique view of the waterfall. Niagara Falls is also a good place to visit here. It is located in the Niagara River in the West Bank of Niagara, with the United States Niagara Falls city across the river, the rainbow bridge on the river, the two sides connected. Niagara Falls city can also experience the water curtain hole view waterfall, foggy boat, Niagara casino, waterfall landscape casino, Spanish crane, golf course, Tianzhu tower and other tourism projects. There are Niagara Park Greenhouse, Butterfly Museum attractions.  

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