If you stay in New York,the United States is very short,and very much hope to be able to understand and understand the New York this international metropolis!This New York day tour to introduce the New York free travel itinerary,will give you the same New York travel experience,quickly come together to see this treasure it!

New York day trip:

Morning:If you want to see all the first-class museums in New York,the time of the day is certainly not enough.However,according to our day trip,you can choose to visit the New York Metropolitan Museum or the American Museum of Natural History in the morning(note that the New York Metropolitan Museum is usually not open on Monday).If you are going to the American Museum of Natural History,you can walk through Central Park directly after the visit;if you are going to the New York Metropolitan Museum,you can find it on the way to Central Park.

Directions:From H&H Bagels,you need to walk north one block and then walk along the 81st Street three blocks.In this way,you came directly to the American Museum of Natural History.If you are going to the New York Metropolitan Museum,you need to enter Central Park at 81st Street and then walk through Central Park to the New York Metropolitan Museum.It is located at the junction of Fifth Avenue(east of Central Park)and 82th Street At the office.Look carefully at your map,because the meandering trail is easy for you to go in the wrong direction.I suggest you print out the map of Central Park.You should walk through the Shakespeare Garden,the Delacorte Theater,the Great Lawn and the Obelisk,and then you can come out on the 79th Street or 85th Street.

Lunch:New York day trips can not miss the delicious pizzeria here,so our next destination is the oldest pizzeria in the United States-Lombardi’s.Like the bagels,New York also has a lot of excellent pizzerias,but Lombardi’s is a great choice for first time visitors to New York.

In the afternoon,you can go to Greenwich Village,overlooking New York from a height

Afternoon:Now,you have enough to eat,but also the digestion of the body when the pizza digestion.My favorite place to hang around is Greenwich Village.It gives the feeling of some European,and fashionable.You can see a lot of tree-lined neighborhoods and beautiful houses around the main thoroughfares.People here come and do not notice how quiet it is here,even though a few blocks are outside the bustling business district.It is advisable to take the map(or print a map of Greenwich Village)with you so that you can have enough time to enjoy the strolls and stroll around the funny corner.If you want to learn about other noteworthy places in the area,read my Greenwich Village Gourmet Tour and the original Greenwich Village cuisine and cultural walks.

Dinner:In New York,the choice of dinner is numerous.New York has some of the best restaurants in the world and there are many reasonably priced options.It is difficult to recommend only one restaurant for dinner,so I will not do so Instead,you can make your own choice from the following recommendations,or simply find yourself in a completely different place.

Night:now,it has been in New York for a whole day,is overlooking the scenery of New York time.At night,it is an exciting thing to overlook the New York from the roof of the Empire State Building.You should consider buying tickets from the Internet in order to save time by the elevator.According to the regulations,the Empire State Building is a team to buy tickets,take the elevator is a team,if it is online booking,you can print their own tickets,do not have to row the first team.The Empire State Building also offers audio sightseeing($6),but I think it’s enough to see the scenery.

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