The United States has also come to the annual discount promotions, many small partners are ready to go to the United States chop! We are slow, first to understand the tax rebate shopping in the United States, so that when you rebate more emboldened, more understand!

Tax Free State and Tax Free State

The United States has a total of 50 states, 5 of which are tax-free states. They are Oregon, Oregon, Alaska, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, New Hampshire and New Jersey, New Jersey. State governments in the first five states do not impose any taxes on goods, but local state governments (municipalities) impose shopping excises. For example, Alaskan local tax up to 7%, New Hampshire local tax up to 3%. Texas and Louisiana, foreign tourists to buy goods can be returned to the consumption tax.

The composition of the U.S. consumption tax

Consumption tax paid for shopping in the United States consists of two parts: the Custom Duty of the Federal Government on imported and exported goods, the thing bought at the airport duty-free shop, and the so-called duty-free tax, which is based on the cost of goods Different from the place where the goods are produced, it is more economical to buy American-made goods such as Coach purses, Estee Lauder and Clinique Cosmetics in duty-free shops in the United States, thus eliminating a big tariff. (However, if the duty free shop does not discount, under normal circumstances, the price is still higher than the discounted goods plus tariffs.)

The second excise tax is the state sales tax (Sales Tax), the sales tax is collected by the US state governments, of which California is one of the highest sales tax in the United States, while the United States currently only Texas, The state’s airport tax rebate point, with foreign passports, as well as return ticket to the United States within 90 days of ticket sales tax return.

US states free shopping date

In order to promote consumption, some U.S. states implement the tax-free policy on a specific date every year. On duty-free days, the purchase of the specified categories of goods is completely tax-free, common duty-free items are: school equipment, clothes, shoes, energy-saving products.

Which products are duty-free

Tax-free products are available even in the state that taxes. Most U.S. states exempt farm produce (vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, grains).

Prescription drugs are taxable only in Illinois. In addition to the five duty-free states for over-the-counter medications (nutraceuticals, such as vitamins), there are state taxes such as New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

For apparel products, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states are tax-free; less than $ 175 in Massachusetts, under $ 110 in New York, and up to $ 100 in Vermon.

The following example in New York shopping in the United States shows the details of the shopping tax refund is as follows:

1, the basic requirements of the United States shopping tax rebate: With the departure of air tickets (including transit flights in the United States), my passport, purchased items, purchase items bills, and then apply for refund processing agencies, and then be able to 3 to Get tax rebate on purchases within 7 months.

2, the purchase date of the bill is also provided for, must be within 29 days prior to departure and within the shopping tax refund can be handled.

3, the tax rebate to reach 10 $ shopping must use their own reditcard payment or cash shopping. Hotels, supermarkets, car rental and other consumer can not refund. The items purchased must be taken by plane.

4, individuals or shops can not handle the tax rebate matters alone, must have the relevant tax rebate agencies to help (regularly to the United States outbound management department to determine whether the real tax rebate on time departure), and tax authorities for tax collection about 33% commission (cash on the spot). In fact, only 5.50% refund of shopping tax.

5, a person can only go abroad for a departure tax refund. Departure tickets, my passport, the purchase of goods (including the complete package), the purchase of goods presented to the handling agency staff checks, and only by the tax rebate agencies check the items check, copy the ticket and passport, and then Fill out a Attention Foreign Shoppers Recover your State Sales Tax form and sign it in.

The meaning of “by and only” means that items you no longer have to be checked out of the airport at the airport are taken out of the country and departed there, which is quite different from the idea of ​​a situation in Europe.

6, how to get tax rebate? After verification of the tax authorities, the taxes received from you will be refunded by the store to you. Get a refund of cash, check, travelerscheck three, cash can be obtained by Visa or Master Card (not debit card), check sent to you by post office.

It will take time to get your tax refund, and the tax will be returned to you within 3 to 7 months after you’ve left. (This will actually have discrepancies, tax rebate agencies will say: only through Visa or Master Card for handling, if you do not have these cards, only write in the United States, friend’s card number, and then let your friend to you.)

7, the store’s requirements: the shopping store must be able to apply for a refund of the store. It is not refundable to you 100% of the taxes on the tax-refundable items, including handling fees and other fees, and only about 50% of them are returned.

US shopping tax problems we have already clear it? The United States is a tourist attraction, is a shopping paradise, every year there are many tourists come here to travel shopping, tax rebate strategy is every tourist needs, is not it?

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