Washington, as the capital of the United States, added a lot of color to the United States. So travel to the United States must not miss this city, the Lincoln Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the United States Capitol, the White House … these famous buildings is the typical coordinates of Washington, Washington day free exercise allows you to recognize the different United States. Here is a summary of some of the depth of Washington’s tourist routes, together to feel the charm of the United States it!

Washington Monuments Day Tour Route: Lincoln Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Korean War Memorial – US Air and Space Museum – US Capitol – White House – Jefferson Memorial – Washington Monument – World War II Monument

Proceed to Washington, DC, and visit the beloved former President Lincoln Memorial; the memory of the dead martyrs in the Vietnam War, the Korean War Memorial. Visit the U.S. Air and Space Museum, which records the history of the aerospace industry. During the trip, we will take the Washington DC Cruise to watch the famous landmarks of Washington along the East Potomac River. Then take a picture with the US Capitol (appearance) and the White House (appearance) of the US presidential palace. We will also drive past Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial.

Washington DC Celebrity Memorial Day Tour: Jefferson Memorial – Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial – Roosevelt Memorial – Lincoln Memorial – Arlington National Cemetery – Arlington House – Kennedy Center

First, come to the Jefferson Memorial Hall, where you’ll learn about the great story of the third president, Thomas Jefferson. Then, go to the Martin Luther King Memorial, a place where “I have a dream” speech, whose ears are still floating. Then go to the Roosevelt Memorial Museum, reading “Roosevelt’s New Deal,” the content. In the afternoon, head to Lincoln Memorial to look forward to President Lincoln, who contributed to Black Americans. Arlington to go to the other side of the cemetery to remember the martyrs, there is the South Army generals General Lee Generals. Finally, along the Potomac River, come to Kennedy Center, next to the “Watergate” occurred at the Watergate Building. Enjoy the show here at night and admire the riverside scenery.

Washington Museum Day Tour: Union Station – International Spy Museum – National Gallery of America – Museum of Natural History – National Museum of America – Aviation Museum – Botanical Garden – United States Capitol

Washington will travel to attractions

After breakfast, arrive at Union Station, the most representative station in Washington, starting from today’s museum tour. First go to the International Spy Museum and see the advanced high-tech tools in the movie. Then go to the Museum of Fine Arts to enjoy the famous works, and then to the Natural History Museum to explore the wonders of life and mystery. In the afternoon, learn about the history and culture of this superpower in the History Museum. Go to the aerospace museum to see the development of space science and technology super space power, but also to see the Apollo spacecraft landing on the moon it. Then go to the Botanic Garden, tour in the flowery grass scenery. In the evening, board Parliament Hill, visit the Capitol, view the city scenery, static watching the sunset.

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