Boston is a rich cultural city, in Boston you can understand and recognize a lot of you do not know the human history, so travel to the United States must come to Boston free exercise. So what is the arrangement for the Boston tour? The following is a detailed guide to the Boston three-day tour guide, take you to explore the city of literature and art.

Boston Trips Day 1

1. the way to freedom

Play Guide: Free Road, a total length of 2.5 miles, go through the whole journey takes a whole day, you can pick one of them, visit the King Chapel, the old state legislature building two or three considerable historical and cultural relics and architecture.

Play time: 0.5-1 days recommended

2. Quincy market

Play Guide: Quincy Market is Boston’s most lively shopping and food gathering place, the square you can see a variety of street performances, souvenirs and brand clothing everything, seafood restaurant or American fast food is a good choice.

Play time: recommended 2-3 hours

3.Mike’s Pastry

Play guide: 15 minutes walk from the Quincy market is the Italian area of ​​Boston, enjoy a meal after a seafood dinner and then an Italian dessert, just perfect! This cream can be said to be the most popular dessert in Boston, at any time to line up.

Boston Trips Day 2

Visit the Boston Art Museum and the Isabella Garner Art Museum to savor fine artwork. Afternoon visit to the Prudential Mansion, and finally enjoy the delicious dining at the top-floor viewing restaurant.

4. Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Play Guide: This museum has collections of cultural relics and art treasures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, East Asia, India and other places. Come here to visit the people are not many, you can quietly appreciate every art treasures.

5. Isabella Garner Art Museum

Play Guide: This private museum is not far from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and was a private residence for collectors Isabella. There are two hundred and five hundred world famous paintings, sculptures and other fine art, in the central green of the classical garden you can see a lot of painting or sitting quietly watching people.

6. Prudential Building

Play Guide: Here is Boston’s most important shopping destination, bringing together a number of international brands and the United States local brand clothing apparel, cosmetics, electronic products, etc., in the spacious corridor covered with green grass lawn and seat for people to rest.

7.Top of the Hub

Play Guide: Boston’s Most Favorite View Restaurant, where you can overlook Boston’s bright lights at night, while enjoying the most representative lobster meal in Boston, remember to book in advance.

Boston Tours Day 3

To the Harvard campus to turn around, visit a small museum or listen to a speech, there are many bookstores and cafes near the university. Afternoon to Boston Park, beautiful scenery all year round are suitable for taking pictures, and finally to the park next to the public library reading or exhibition.

8. Harvard University

Play Guide: Here is the world’s most famous institution, stroll in the campus feel a strong academic atmosphere. There are many bookstores and art shops that are popular with students around the school. At noon you can choose a well-known café or restaurant.

9.Border Cafe (Cambridge shop)

Play Guide: Harvard Square has a lot of food choices, Border Cafe fusion of Texas, Mexico and Indian flavor, is a full of exotic Latin American cuisine museum. In the store corn tortoise, corn flakes, chicken rolls, meat dishes and other classic dishes readily available, there are hot and sour, taste strong, but also french fries, chicken and other snacks before meals The personality of the murals and ornaments, hearty hot atmosphere and delicious food makes Border Cafe very popular with young people.

10. Boston Park

Play Guide: This quiet city park year round of pleasant scenery, lush flowers, quiet lake and herd groups of ducks constitute a vivid picture, the park is also very intimate set up a lot of framing box, any Angle can constitute a beautiful picture.

11. Boston Public Library

Play Guide: This Renaissance-style library is very gorgeous inside, you can visit free of charge, the library will regularly organize a number of cultural exhibitions, beautiful garden also supply afternoon tea.

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