There are many tourist attractions in Washington, United States, where everyone can leisurely, enjoy the commemorative price of historic tourist attractions, enjoy the leisurely time, feel the charm of the United States Washington. Now, let’s take a look!

The National Gallery of Art, an art museum in Washington, DC, often abbreviated as NGA, is part of the US government and is managed by the Smiths Association. The building itself is divided into two parts, connected by underground passage.

The National Gallery of the United States was founded in 1937 by the US Congress, which was originally designed to manage the collection of Andrew W. Mellon and Samuel Carries (mainly Italian art). March 17, 1941 The National Art Museum of the West Building was officially opened to the public to visit, the West Building by the architect John Rousseau Piper designed, Dong Dong building by the architect IM Pei designed to open in 1978 The In addition, the National Museum of Art in 1999 added a sculpture park.

At present, the National Museum of Art is free, the West is the main collection of the European medieval to the 19th century, an important painting and sculpture. Including the only one in the United States Leonardo da Vinci’s works. Dong Dong is the main collection of modern art works. Including Picasso, Andy Warhol and so on. In addition, it is the seat of the National Gallery Research Center.

The White House is the official residence and office of the President of the United States. The White House is owned by the US National Parks Authority and is part of the “Presidential Park”. The US Economic Intelligence Agency’s code for the White House is “Crown”. The picture on the back of the twenty dollar bill is the White House.

The White House is a white neo-classical style sandstone building located at 1600 North West Avenue, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC. North of Lafayette Square, south of Elvis Park, with the towering Washington monument, is a white two-story building. Because the White House is the place of residence and office of the President of the United States, the word “White House” often refers to the US government, such as “the White House announces that British Prime Minister Pak Kau Dao visits the United States.”

The president of the United States is located in the Midwest or the west of the official residence, whether temporary or permanent, are generally referred to as the western White House.

The White House from 1800 onwards, it is the President of the United States during office and live with his family. But in the second British-American war that took place in 1812, the British army invaded Washington. August 24, 1814 The British burned the building, leaving only an empty shelf. 1817 re-repair in order to cover up the traces of fire, Monroe ordered the gray sand on the paint on a layer of white paint. Since then the president’s residence has been called the “White House”. In 1902, the United States President Theodore Roosevelt officially named it “the White House” and became synonymous with the US government.

The White House is the seat of the US presidential palace, for people, the White House is always full of mystery. According to the White House expenditure by the principle of all taxpayers, part of the White House in the prescribed time to open to the citizens of the world, thus becoming a tourist tourist hot spots.

Washington, Washington, many tourist attractions, today we give you a brief introduction to the United States White House and the National Museum of Art, I hope you can like. Washington is a tourist city worth a visit, where you can experience the culture of the United States!

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