It is certainly the first time for us to come to the United States to come to Washington to experience the strong political culture here.As the capital of the United States,Washington shows the world the most majestic and spectacular magnificent American imperialism.The first friend who came to Washington to travel is better off carrying a Washington tourist map so that he will not be lost in the itinerary.,For your travel to provide more convenience!

White House

The White House,the U.S.presidential palace located on Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of downtown Washington,DC,faces the towering Washington Monument.It is a white three-story house called the White House because of its white sandstone façade.

White House,The White House,literally”white house”,is the official residence of the President of the United States,the office.

The White House’s home base was founded by the founding fathers of the United States and the first President George Washington.It was first built in 1792 and completed in 1800.The designer is famous James Irving,an Irish American architect.But it was not the White House at the time,and the White House was officially named in 1902 by President Theodore Roosevelt.


The Pentagon,also known as the Pentagon,is located in the Arlington precinct on the Potomac River southwest of Washington,D.C.,in the southwestern United States.Its pedestal was named for its pentagonal façade and was built during World War II to the world’s largest The office building is world famous and can accommodate 25,000 staff.The Pentagon is home to the highest military command authority in the United States.The U.S.headquarters of the Armed Forces,the”sea,land and air”territories,and the U.S.Department of Defense’s office are located.Because of its special function,the word”Pentagon”not only represents the building itself,but it is also often used as a synonym for the U.S.Department of Defense.

The U.S.Department of Defense’s office building,located on the outskirts of Washington,is named after the pentagon for the building and is the largest single-seat administrative building in the world.Located in Arlington,on the Potomac River in the southwestern part of Washington,DC,The Pentagon is home to the United States Department of Defense,the highest military command in the United States.

Kennedy Center for the Arts

Those who love opera art to watch the show at the Kennedy Center are one of Washington’s major shows,taking a stroll through the center rooftop terrace where visitors can watch the Potomac River and Washington.The center has the flags of the member states of the United Nations and the state flags of the various states of the United States in two halls.There are also souvenir stores,all countries have the image of all ages.And of course souvenirs like Ms.Jacqueline’s photos.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill,the capital city of Washington,is one of the must-see destinations for traveling to the United States,not only because of its special status but also because of its unique architectural style.Capitol Hill,the U.S.congressional office building,is built on a hill that rises 83 feet above sea level,hence the name Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill is also commonly known as the Capitol,referring to the congressional building that serves as the office of the U.S.Congress,the legislative body of the U.S.federal government.It is located at the top of Capitol Hill in Washington,DC,at the eastern end of Country Street.Although not geographically located in the heart of Washington,DC,it is also a focus of attention because of its special status.

Washington Monument

National Mall(National Mall)is an open national park located in Washington DC,the capital of the United States.The plaza,which is made up of several green areas,has been extended from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol.It is the first choice of national celebrations and ceremonies in the United States.It is also an important venue for major demonstrations and civil rights speeches in the history of the United States.

No friends who have not traveled to Washington,the next stop to travel to Washington,feel good to the history and culture of the United States.Washington tourist attractions map will make your travel itinerary more convenient,will help you!

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