Will choose Los Angeles you must love life, or video enthusiasts, or my heart has their own entertainment world, no matter what the purpose of carrying, Los Angeles, this is called “City of Angels,” the highly developed entertainment industry will not Let us down, here we come together to see what are the Los Angeles tourism to play it?

The heart of the urgent want to go to Universal Studios Ye Hao, Disney Ye Hao, the first day to here, resistance to sex in the city of Los Angeles in the first day of the city tour how? Otherwise, Los Angeles is really wronged. Let us drive to the end of Highway 10, where there is a small city can be said that the place, Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a very famous scenic spot in Los Angeles, came to Santa Monica beach, although not the Maldives, but one here or can think of McDull phrase classic “coconut green sand white”, blue sea can enjoy The play. Sideways will be able to see the tall raised sudden pier, behind the playground, as long as a look can see the slow running of the colored Ferris wheel, the road covered with a wide variety of shops, Perhaps you can find a familiar movie scene, even if the memory is not good and not disappointed, street artists will use their talent to enrich your scenery on the road.

Afternoon can go to another city in the city of Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica because of the perfect leisure resort into the city is different, here because of its degree of luxury and self-contained. But here is a good place to meet the Hollywood star Oh, because here is not only the most luxurious shopping street in Los Angeles, or the most luxurious resort, a lot of stars of the private residence is here, is not roaring to you over the luxury sports car may sit People who are on your tip. And then you can go to the ancient city of Los Angeles to see, although not have history, but the ancient city is still recorded in that era of Los Angeles in miniature.

This evening must be a good rest Oh, because the next morning may have to start the excitement of the film and television trip, but also early to be able to, that is the famous Los Angeles Universal Studios! The reason to go early, because Universal Studios inside the Harry Potter area is popular bursting, not early to row for a long time the team it A step into the small Harry as if the first time into the witch inch of the village when the faint oil lamp in the tip of the roof of the house secretly swaying, Hogwarts castle everything is exactly the same as in the movie , Really completed a child’s dream to live in the magic world. Then you can “Jurassic” area, “Transformers” area, “zombie” area, one by one to play down, the amount of information is too big a day, must be calm ah.

Of course, if you do not want to be too exciting, but want to pursue their own fairy tale world, then this day you can choose to go to Disneyland Oh Here really realized the left-hand Mickey Mouse, the right hand Donald Duck, you can also see the little princess’s leader Snow White, or follow Alice in Wonderland Wonderland, always innocence you will find a strong inside Disneyland The sense of belonging.

On the third morning we can drive to Santa Barbara and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific coastline. Santa Barbara so illuminated in the sunshine of California, where the sky blue sea blue, red tile white wall of the small town exceptionally quiet. In this small town where there is little industry, you can go to the Tropical Botanical Gardens, Santa Barbara Mission Church, or go to the county court overlooking the whole place. Many of the rich in the United States after retirement will choose to come here to pension, in this slow pace of life but the scenery is infinitely good place, may also let their feet slow down, quietly breathe the pure air feel good.

And then we can start out of the Danish village, and this concentrated Danish city has a deep Nordic style, and more than half of the residents are descendants of the Danish, where not only can enjoy the Danish fairy-tale building, you can also eat authentic Of the Danish cuisine Oh, it is not an extra surprise in the tourism in Los Angeles it?

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