I do not know you heard this sentence?”If you’re still alive,San Francisco will not bother you.If you’re dead,San Francisco will get you back to life.”Anyway,I was dying around the city because of this.Maybe you’re curious,too.Now you will need a San Francisco travel guide,spent three days to find out.

San Francisco travel guide

The first day we morning,we first go to Union Square,but not to shopping,but here as the starting point for this trip,because here is the traffic center in San Francisco,waiting for the next Fisherman’s Wharf is sitting here cable Departure from the car.The cable car is also called a clamshell car.If you think it is wrong to use a clamshell car as a means of transport,you know that the clamshell car itself is a beautiful one rooted in San Francisco’s heart.The first place that will pass is Jiuhua Flower Street,which is the slope of the mountain in Russia.At the junction you will find a short steep slope,but with eight sharp turns,high and low scattered dwarf shrubs and carefully pruned flowering branches,as if in a delightful garden mystery.

Then you can go to the Fisherman’s Wharf again,to the Fisherman’s Wharf,I believe that everyone does not mind immediately turned into food,because here,even the sane person is really difficult to control.First came to the most popular terminal 39,hundreds of shops make the choice of people dazzling,you can choose to sit in an invincible sea view restaurants,Yarrow Yarrow,crabs,burgers!If you can ride a bicycle and be energetic,rent a bicycle for a long time and go to the Golden Gate Bridge along the beautiful scenery.Of course,do not want to ride a bicycle,you can also try the cruise line,a completely different feeling.Dinner can be done in Chinatown,after all,away from home,from time to time or to take care of their stomach in China.

The next day to go to a very terrible place to listen to name,Alcatraz Island,personally come to a reality version of”dare to win the island”!This Alcatraz island is full of legendary,not only was once heavily guarded prison,there are amazing fighting tiger sharks around the island,has been imprisoned a lot of vicious criminals……Now we can easily come to the island to think of some Unbelievable.

Come back from Alcatraz Island,we can go back to Union Square,go go and see the Palace of Arts,the place built to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal looks like the ruins of Rome,Yingying river reflection,let My thoughts suddenly sucked into it.Now that you’ve arrived in the United States,the CASS is a good place to go if you do not experience the wonders of science.Large mimic tropical rainforest,dinosaur fossils,even more amazing at night,because you can listen to rock and roll,while drinking a small wine border science academy,so inclusive Academy of Sciences rare.

The third day of the trip,the main relaxation is to ease the tired,sleep until nature woke up,and then go to the Golden Gate Park beach chase for a walk,how easy romantic how to play lunch after lunch,the morning of the use of physical reserves to come.By convention,the last day you can start buying and buying,go shopping Outlets!Tired to buy,go back to Treasure Island at night to see this life and death will not be the night of San Francisco,I believe with three days before the experience is absolutely not the same.

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