Los Angeles Hollywood Universal Studios are divided into two parks, connected by an escalator; can be parked in the park after the map (Chinese / English version), the map accurately marked the location of each project, easy Look for.
Usually for the first time came to the shadow, will recommend such as small train Studios trip, water world, Transformers 3D, small yellow 3D, zombie and other projects. Harry Potter’s magic world is the heart of many tourists, but the project line up longer, if the time is limited, you have to enter the park will “kill” in the past line up slightly! If the heart has to go to the amusement project, you can focus on the admission when the electronic screen, the above will show the queue of each project time to facilitate the planning of their own trip ~

Hollywood Universal Studios, known as the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, brings together the movie theme park and the Studios trip, as well as Universal City Avenue®, which brings you a full day of entertainment. Universal City Avenue ® is a large entertainment venue with entertainment, dining and shopping. There are five tower open-air music and AMC cinema.

The theme park features the world’s top roller coaster, with the famous Studios tour and the breathtaking King Kong 360 degree 3D adventure. Join the Studios tour, you can take a picture of the film behind the scenes and experience the new “speed and passion – super power”; King Kong 360 degree 3D adventure is the world’s most spectacular, the most thrilling 3D experience. Other popular roller coaster projects are: Goddess Daddy Little Yellow 3D Virtual Roller Coaster and Super Stupid Park, Transformers 3D Virtual Roller Coaster, Mummy Reef Roller Coaster SM, Jurassic Park Torrent®, Simpson Virtual Roller Coaster ™ ( Adjacent to the hometown of the American favorite Simpson family – spring town).

You can also experience the wonderful charm of magic in the world of Harry Potter’s favorite magic world, or come to the newly opened zombie haunted house to experience the world after the end of the world.

Universal City Road® is a very dynamic entertainment, dining and shopping destination in Southern California, and reflects the rich cultural diversity of the region. Its iconic outdoor leisure and night activities can always bring an unexpected entertainment experience, become the same kind of imitation of the object. Here, the five-tower open-air music square offers vibrant music; AMC Cinema brings you the best viewing experience; iFly indoor skydiving offers you a unique parachute simulation; Saddle Ranch Chop House offers you not only Food, and mechanical cattle can ride.

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