Las Vegas, developed by the economy, tourism and gambling industry is the most mature, such a world-class city so many people come here especially. So what are the tourist attractions in Las Vegas? When is the best time to travel to Las Vegas? Before you go to know more about Las Vegas travel Raiders is very necessary, follow the path together to get to know it!

Las Vegas attractions recommended

Grand Canyon National Park

Archaeologists have found that as early as 4000 years ago there have been human habitation, but here has not been known to outsiders. It was not until 1869 that the western American pioneer, John Powell Powell, the young captain of the United States, was drifting from the Colorado River after sitting in a small log boat. In 1901, the railway finally opened to the vicinity of the canyon, surrounded by tourists flocked to, all intoxicated here in the magnificent scenery.

The Strip

Long Street, also known as the Las Vegas Strip, is the most prosperous street in Las Vegas. Here are the most luxurious hotels (pictorial), casinos, restaurants and shopping venues, the soul and symbol of Las Vegas. Where the lights are bright, the casino in all beings panoramic view.

Paris Hotel

The major luxury casino hotel bosses each show, the world’s landscape “copy” and miniature to the casino, the Paris Hotel is no exception, the famous Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe “move” here, the Eiffel Tower by the prototype One half of the construction, and Arc de Triomphe is the prototype of two-thirds.


(VIVA VISION LIGHT SHOW AT FREMONT) can not be missed, every night, the world’s largest, the world’s largest, the world’s largest, the world’s largest, By the 12.5 million light bulbs composed of light bulbs began to show visitors more than 16 million color combinations, changing the graphics.

Suggested play time: 4 days.

Near Las Vegas attractions

Las Vegas Best tourist season: spring and summer.

Tips: taboo asked personal income and property, taboo asked women to marry, age and clothing prices and other private matters. Do not want to smoke, in other places before smoking to the people around to consult “May I smoke?”; Follow the “Lady first “The Western habit, let the ladies first; and say hello when people say” Hi “.

Shopping: Las Vegas is a shopping paradise. From cheap goods to the world’s top brand-name fashion, all kinds of goods readily available. In the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding souvenir shops and upscale boutiques, you can find everything you want.

Cuisine: Las Vegas’s buffet is world-renowned, and the buffet offers everything from cheap to very expensive. The buffet is still very attractive to the extended family or the family of the children, because the buffet offers a variety of options.

The United States Las Vegas will definitely give you a different travel experience, do not hesitate, more Las Vegas tourist attractions waiting for you to Oh!

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