It is very recommended to look at Case Study House # 22-Stahl House (case house 22) for a friend who likes to play mid century style art and architecture next time you go to Los Angeles. The building is located on the Los Angeles Hills overlooking Los Angeles. It was declared a historical and cultural landmark in Los Angeles in 1999. In 2007, the American Institute of Architects listed Stahl House as one of the top 150 buildings in the “America’s Favorite Architecture” list. In 2013, the Stahl House became the national history register.

Stahl House in Los Angeles

Why is Stahl House so cool and so much attention? In 1960, Shulman photographed a series of photographs of the architect Stahl House, designed by architect Pierre Koenig, with a nightly view that profoundly influenced the history of architecture and history in California and throughout the United States. In this picture, a horizontal stretch of glass steel house volley hanging over the cliff, deeply picking under the eaves of the city is the million lights. Under Shulman’s lens, modernism turned into modern wind (modernique, referring to Romanesque’s translation method). And “Modernique” is not only the residence of the ad, but also declared a new style of birth. Stahl House in Southern California, the combination of geographical landscape and style of life, to establish a new “modern” fashion impression.

Stahl House

Pierre Koenig’s dream is to realize the full industrialization of the building. All of the Stahl House uses industrial prefabricated materials. The main girders use 12-inch I-beams, all of which are 4-inch H-beams and all-steel panels. The Simpsons also used this Stahl House to do the background of the party!

Built in 1959, Stahl House (also known as No. 22 case house) was designed by architect Pierre Koenig. It is hidden in the Los Angeles Hollywood mountains, is a model of modern architecture in the mid-20th century. In a black and white photo taken by Julius Shulman, the two women sat leisurely in a corner of the house and admired the cityscape through the floor glass wall. This photo is one of the most famous architectural photographs in history and the essence of the image of Los Angeles.

In 1999, Stahl residential was designated as the historic building of Los Angeles No. 670. In 2007, Starr residential was named one of the 150 top buildings in the America’s Favorite Architecture list, selected by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is home to 11 buildings in Southern California One is the only private house on the list. In 2013, the Stahl residential was listed on the American National Historic Site.

Address 1635 Woods Dr., West Hollywood, CA 90069

Remember to need to first purchase tickets in Stahl House official website booking, Tour about 1 hour (afternoon and evening only 1, the reservation takes 3 months in advance), the house has a guide to a simple introduction, we can visit Take pictures!

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