Los Angeles is known as the “City of Angels” and has many world famous tourist attractions. The most famous places are Disneyland, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley and many more. So what is the kind of experience that Los Angeles has to travel in depth? Here is for you to give the old drivers the most classic, most useful Los Angeles Collection, I believe it will be helpful to your trip Oh.

Day One: Universal Studios Hollywood → Sunset Boulevard → Museum of Modern Art Los Angeles

Morning breakfast, first come to Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood is the most attractive place to go, you can visit the film production process, review the classic video clips. In the center of the movie theater you can also experience the filming process at the filming scene. Then go to Sunset Boulevard, casually into the roadside any audio and video shop, look at the old records on the counter, review the years ago let you heart the rhythm, think about going out of here movie stars, spend a Perfect free morning. In the afternoon, go to the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art to experience the cultural atmosphere. With more than 5,000 paintings, videos, engravings and new media, it is also the only museum in Los Angeles that specializes in collecting modern artworks.

The next day: Disneyland Los Angeles → Nuote strawberry farm

Morning breakfast, went to the world-famous Los Angeles Disneyland, in this new paradise of happiness, world-renowned cartoon characters will always be on your side, do not forget to take pictures with him oh! In the United States will be able to find a lot of favorites on the street. As long as you wander in there every imaginary world, enjoy those little magic, will certainly be able to recover the innocence, playful and fun and crazy. In the afternoon you can reach the Nut Strawberry Farm near Disneyland to experience the pastoral scenery. The theme park with its own interior will give you a different experience. Strawberry pie is quite authentic and you have to try it.

Day Three: Los Angeles City Hall → Little Tokyo → Santa Monica

In the morning we first came to the Los Angeles City Hall where the magnificent tower is the most famous landmark in Los Angeles and the image of the municipal building has appeared on the screen many times. After that you can go to Little Tokyo, where you can easily walk on foot. In addition to buying Japanese goods, Little Tokyo is the best place to sample Japanese cuisine in Los Angeles. There are many sushi restaurants, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), and karaoke entertainment at night. In the afternoon proceed to California’s most attractive beach – Santa Monica, where cool in winter and warm in winter, convenient transportation, not only for summer shades, for those who want to spend a leisurely afternoon, Santa Monica The beach is also the best choice. In the evenings you can reach Third Street Pedestrian Mall – a street devoted to the parade, crowded with artists, movie bars, pubs and a variety of eateries.

The third day: Las Vegas → Grand Canyon

Drove to Las Vegas, then came to the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the seven wonders of the world, the magnificent and colorful canyon landscape so many people forget. Grand Canyon charming place, is facing the rocky cobblestone, with the sunshine of the map, and the chase of the clouds, so that the ever-changing color of the canyon, constitutes a psychedelic spectacle. And because it is a national park, canyon environment and animal protection to do quite well, you can enjoy this natural scenery. Those who love to explore are bound to fall in love with it, except that the canyon landscape itself will bring mysterious colors. The famous Sky Trail landscape is a highlight of the Grand Canyon. Here visitors can overlook the foot of more than 1,000 meters deep valleys, enjoy a unique thrilling fun. If you have time, it is best to go to the bottom, there will be a different kind of feeling. Then we hurriedly arrived at the Hoover Dam to visit, because if it is dark the tourists will not be able to reach the top of the dam to visit, the whole journey is water excursion. Hoover Dam reservoir is well-known Lake Mead, not only beautiful, but also irrigated crops and the use of hydroelectric power, the development of production plays a role that can not be ignored. A glimpse into the magnificence of the Hoover Dam can be considered a beautiful treat.

If you have enough time, it is better to arrange a tour of Los Angeles, you will definitely fall in love with this city.

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