In the West, traveling by car is a very good experience, traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles is a lot of people choose to travel routes, so San Francisco to Los Angeles along the way has what kind of beauty to attract these old drivers to go? Get to know San Francisco to Los Angeles by car travel routes and driving tips, do a good job Raiders guide to make your travel more exciting and smooth!

Route 1: Route 1 is a north-south highway along the western coast of the United States. Traveling to San Francisco, the essence of this route is its invincible sea view from San Francisco to Los Angeles. If you plan to travel to Los Angeles from San Francisco, Can not miss this route. As this road is built along the coastline, San Francisco along the highway to Los Angeles over 800 kilometers, took about 11 hours.

Route 5: Route 5 is a straight road between San Francisco and Los Angeles that takes more than 600 kilometers and takes about 6 hours. If in a hurry you can take the No. 5 road, but the scenery along the way is not as good as the number one road.

Since Route 1 is the highlight of San Francisco’s self-drive to Los Angeles, let’s take a closer look at the beauty of San Francisco to Los Angeles.

San Francisco: San Francisco This elegant city, no matter what kind of travel you choose, you will find a great place to go. Take a catch-up car to read intricate details of the city or rent a bike, pass by Fisherman’s Wharf to eat a treasure crab, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the Arc de Triomphe or take a walk through the Golden Gate Park, feel the diversity of romantic west coast city.

Monterrey / Carmel: Monterrey has the most complete art community. Everything is so elegant here. No matter fashion boutiques or antique stores, candy stores or galleries, toy stores or daily craft shops, from the facade to the goods can make people shines, indulge them.

Big Sur National Park and Beach: The most popular national park on California’s Route 1, the site of choice for hiking in the United States. Mahogany, coast, mountains, beautiful scenery unique, 堪称 world-class. Night here is the only purple beach in the world. Walking along the beach to the depths, purple more and more obvious, to the end of the beach is a large real purple beach, beautiful. The best viewing time here is the recent fall time points.

Danish Village: The whole town is Denmark, the Nordic architectural style. Just like a fairy tale world. Vivid colors, cheerful flags, flowers trails, fairy tale buildings are all popular.

Santa Monica Beach: This is the end of Route 66 and Los Angeles’s coastline. Clear blue sky, white sand beach with a slice of palm trees. In the distance is a playground, a roller coaster and Ferris wheel, long wooden trestle into the Pacific Ocean. Hot beach, happy paradise for people to come here for leisure and leisure.

In the West by car travel, San Francisco, Los Angeles by car along the beauty of the scenery will not let you down, bring this San Francisco to Los Angeles Travel Guide, about the small partners who start your journey!

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