San Francisco is one of the must-see cities in the United States,the most representative of the Golden Gate Bridge,Fisherman’s Wharf,the world’s largest artificial park-Golden Gate Park,etc.,there are many delicious specialties is to make tourists can not own.lulutrip has been summarized for everyone a deep tour of San Francisco,give you the most authentic and most interesting San Francisco travel experience.

San Francisco,the best time to travel

San Francisco is well-traveled throughout the year with festivals on a monthly basis and the best season to enjoy seafood is between November and June of the next year.Due to ocean currents,the temperature in San Francisco seldom falls below 5°C,or above 21°C Average annual temperature of 13~24℃,much cooler than other parts of California,in addition to winter here will not rain,mild weather throughout the year.

San Francisco tourism will play attractions

1,Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937,a total length of about 2.7 km,is the world’s largest single-hole suspension bridge,is considered a symbol of San Francisco.It is one of the world famous bridges and also a miracle of modern bridge engineering.It has only two pillars,so instead of using bridge piers to support the bridge body,it uses the huge tension generated by the arcuate slings on both sides of the bridge and lifts the heavy bridge.Here the best way to play is to sail to the boat at Fisherman’s Wharf,sailing to the bridge to watch,in addition you can walk from one end of the bridge to the other end,beautiful scenery along the way,but also can overlook the Golden Gate Strait And prison island.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf roughly covers the area from Gwentley Square in the northern part of San Francisco to Pier 35,the most famous of which is Pier 39.There are many shopping centers and restaurants,and many local restaurants offer a wide range of seafood,including Dungeness Crab and Clam Broth.If you want to sightseeing,you can go to Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco Marine National Historical Park,Goddrift Square,Machinery Museum,Wax Museum and underwater world.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is the largest artificial park in the world and stands in line with New York’s Central Park as the two most representative green fields on the east and west coasts of the United States.Golden Gate Park,millions of green and enemy barren sand and strong winds of fog attack,the successful transformation of the wasteland into San Francisco proud of the green lungs,the park is composed of more than a dozen charming small parks,Some famous for landscaping in the garden;some win the beauty of the pool springs,the winding paths of the various districts circumnavigate the green clumps,take care to get lost,but also make you feel the beautiful village Surprise.

4.prison island

Solitary in the middle of San Francisco Bay itself a world,a small island in 1850-1933 was considered to be the most strong military fort west of the Mississippi;the next 1934-1963 this became Uncle Sam captive at the national level Re-committed.Now turned into tourist attractions,the desolate prison cell,the reasons for the reproduction of prisoners sound effects,bizarre escape from the scene,so that tourists can see the mysterious forbidden year.And the island is very special,it will bring different visual enjoyment to the people as the weather changes.On the sunny summer,Yuan Wang is like a small boat swaying in the water,calling people to play on the island.And in the cloudy cloud of empty empty time,it is like a monster lying in the sea,people feel a bit scared.The tiny island under the night sends a slight light,like a”night pearl”shining.

5.Jiuhua Street

Jiuhua Flower Street,the official name of the United States Lombard Street,located in the heart of San Francisco,which is one of the most curved in the United States a street,a short period of time there are a total of eight sharp bends,the flower market is the municipality to prevent traffic accidents,Deliberately build a flower bed,the car so far,only circling down,speed not exceeding 5 miles per hour,this section of the street so there is”the world’s most curvy street,”said.Come to San Francisco,you can come here to test your driving skills.And do not worry if you do not drive,you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the street,because the flower beds on both sides of the lane are planted with roses.Every household on both sides of the street also grow flowers and grass at the door.Diao hanging embroidery,beautiful.

San Francisco specialties

Come to the charm of San Francisco travel,how can we not treat their own taste buds.In San Francisco,a variety of cooking styles learn from each other,so that dishes unique flavor.You can eat ginger pumpkin ravioli,Caesar salad with Caribbean roast chicken,smoked salmon dipped in curry sauce and more.In addition,the annual December to January of the following year,are the prime time to eat crabs,for crab-eating residents and tourists,you can eat.

San Francisco gourmet shop recommended


An upscale restaurant in the South of Market area of​​San Francisco,USA,serves creative cuisine that combines American and Asian cuisine.Reservations are scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday morning and need to be booked 2 months in advance.Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.Otherwise,a fee will be charged.Chef Corey Lee is a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Award for the American Dining Awards and has nearly 20 years of work experience.

2)Rich Table

A San Francisco-based upscale restaurant with chefs Evan and Sarah Rich led a team of more than 30 years of experience to source fresh produce directly from the farm and serve quality produce.The waiters at the Rich Table Restaurant are passionate about creating a relaxed and fun dining atmosphere for all guests coming to dine.

3)Crab House

One of Fisherman’s Wharf’s many seafood restaurants in San Francisco,the owner operates in addition to the Crab House restaurant in San Francisco,another seven restaurants serving different cuisines.Crab House’s main menu at Fisherman’s Wharf is a variety of crab dishes,especially”Killer Crab®”,crab-tikka,crab soup,crab Caesar,crab cakes and more.

San Francisco Tourist Hotel Accommodation Guide

San Francisco is the birthplace of boutique hotels,all kinds of rooms unique style.Hotel rates are mostly$100-$300 and$35-$50 night parking fees.The hotel is especially close to Union Square(51%of poor travelers choose to stay here),mostly star-rated hotels and youth hostels.Radiation around the Union Square for four weeks,is the best accommodation options,safe and convenient.If it is by car,you can also choose to stay away from Union Square,the price will be lower.

San Francisco is also”the most popular city in the United States,”and this beautiful mountain city with a comfortable environment is definitely one of the best places to travel.Be sure to schedule your time with San Francisco to plan an in-depth tour of San Francisco and give you the most memorable travel experiences.

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