Most people travel in San Francisco,the United States chose to drive mostly by car,but you do not know,in order to really understand the beauty of the city,in the early morning mist or sunset,the best way is to take a cruise!You will not be disappointed!


San Francisco

A taste of San Francisco artistry in the water on the beauty of the most relaxed way,the most sincere opinion of a city.

Cruise ship in the”battle ship”,the path is strongly recommended a hundred years old-red and white cruise.

Red and white cruise ships

Red and White Fleet,the most cost-effective and most authentic product in a wide variety of cruise ships.

Red and white cruise ship history

Red and white cruise lines have been operating since 1892,when Thomas C Crowley began operating ferries and consignments.

In the early 1930s,with the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge,it began to transform itself into a tourist cruise ship,providing guests with cruises on two bridges.

San Francisco must not miss the landmark

Golden Gate Bridge

In 1937,when the Golden Gate Bridge was completed,it was the tallest tower in the world.

Strauss,chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge,a sign of confidence in the work of the Golden Gate Bridge is that the Golden Gate Bridge can never fail!From an architectural perspective,the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge is one of the largest examples of decorative art in the world.

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Alcatraz Island

Remember the all-time”Prison Break”and”Shawshank’s Redemption”?

Alcatraz Island became the most curious place to visit for many people traveling to San Francisco.Alcatraz The most famous period and those fantasy stories than in its use as a federal prison in those years,which held in the United States the most heinous criminals,from Chicago gangster to serial murderer.Therefore,Alcatraz Island is also truly called”the most horrible prison.”

Treasure Island

Treasure Island was built from earth excavated from the construction of the Bay Bridge,which is said to have a real name with a small amount of gold.Treasure Island is the best platform to watch San Francisco,overlooking the beauty of San Francisco,do not have a flavor.

Red and white cruise routes

Golden State Bay Cruise-60 minutes

Approaches Landmark:Golden Gate Bridge,Alcatraz Island,waterfront area

Description:Regular daytime classic routes at a glance San Francisco must visit attractions,Golden Gate Bay cruise it red and white cruise has more than 70 years of history,especially for first-time visitors.

Sail under the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge and surround the beautiful Alcatraz for a week.While enjoying the landmarks of San Francisco,while feeling the historical atmosphere of San Francisco,Golden Gate Bridge in this perspective,we can see it a different kind of spectacular!

Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise-90 minutes

Approaches Landmark:Golden Gate Bridge,Alcatraz Island,Bay Bridge,Treasure Island,Ferry Building

Description:Upgrading daytime lines,the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge double-bridge cruise,in the Golden Gate Bay cruise,but also by way of Treasure Island to see all the spectacular San Francisco city scenery.

California Twilight Cruise-120 minutes

Route Landmarks:Alcatraz Island,Angel Island,Golden Gate Bridge,Tiburon,Sausalito

Plot:In winter,a regular cruise is changed to a city night.When the sunset ended and the night lights went up,drive past San Francisco’s skyscrapers,historic landmarks,Alcatraz Island,Bay Harbor Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

In the night,not only can enjoy the beauty of San Francisco people forget the breath,but also to hear the live guitar,enjoy a rich buffet.Miao Ya Miaozai!

While enjoying the beauty of San Francisco,but also understand the anecdote and unique architecture of San Francisco,history,geography and culture to choose a hundred years old red and white cruise it!

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