The United States as a tourist destination in the world of the Holy Land, its rich and rich natural scenery, fashion top city life so that visitors linger, but also to the various cities known as the most beautiful title. Do you know that the most beautiful holiday in the American mind is the first city – San Francisco. Now with the San Francisco tour Raiders to experience this American leisure resort city bar.

San Francisco is a subtropical Mediterranean climate, Dongnuanxialiang, sunny, near the United States many national parks beautiful natural environment, there are many Museum Museum Museum, the famous Stanford University is also here. San Francisco is a vibrant youthful vitality and a unique blend of exquisite tastes in the old world, and is rated by American readers as the preferred city for American travel.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge up to 2780 meters, the bridge firm in the width of more than 1900 meters above the Golden Gate Strait. The whole bridge is magnificent, bright international orange to make it in the fog of the weather inside, far from the ship can clearly see it. Is the place where every person traveling to San Francisco will go. There are walking trails on both sides of the bridge for visitors to travel, free of charge here is a good place for American holiday ride.

San Francisco Nine Flower Street, officially named Lombard Street, is the world’s most curved street, is also the most attractive street in San Francisco. Lane on both sides of the flower beds filled with roses, the streets on both sides of the household are also at the door of flowers and flowers, flowers season, from afar, like a hanging hanging velvet embroidery, beautiful. In the height of the street can also overlook the Gulf Bridge and Koitta.

Fisherman’s Wharf’s most obvious sign is the kind of big teeth crabs, the waves bursts of the sea, the bustling crowd so full of fish here. There are a lot of yachts on the beach, which are essential for the rich people to vacation. Between November and June each year is the best season to taste seafood, this time to the Fisherman’s Wharf, people can eat a good Danjin Nice crab.

San Francisco Art Palace is a quiet place to let you settle the body and mind. Here scenery beautiful scenery of the quiet, extremely charm! Outward can look over the Golden Gate Bridge, inward is a quiet lake. This is for the Panama “Pacific International Fair” after the German architect Mebeck to design rehabilitation. Today, the Palace of Art has become the San Francisco people often go to the leisure, the pond in the swans and ducks with water. It is also the first place for the San Francisco wedding ceremony. And the Art Palace Theater is also located here, is a good place to relax on holiday.

San Francisco Chinatown is a must for Chinese tourists. Chinatown, you can see the signs are written in Chinese, you are also heard by the Chinese. Suddenly there is a kind of intimacy blowing. There are about eight thousand overseas Chinese living, is entirely a city of the country, exotic, come here the most important purpose of course is to meet your taste buds and stomach. After eating the long-lost Chinese food, you can chat with the boss chat, or kill a Chinese chess.

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