Seattle, the United States is a beautiful, romantic tourist city, where a lot of classic love story shot, but also one of the famous film and television. Come to Seattle, you may have a chance encounter a love scene of the filming. Then come to Seattle travel generally play how long? How to plan a good tourist route in Seattle? Follow lulutrip and take a look at this Seattle depth travel guide so you can enjoy the beauty of Seattle in a week.

day1: Pike Place Market – Seattle Art Museum Seattle Aquarium – Olympic Sculpture Park – Marina Wheel – Belltown Belltown

Use the first day to explore some of the major attractions around the city. Get up early and take a walk to Parker Market. Have a latte at the cafe or enjoy a hearty breakfast. Then, go shopping some small stalls: fish, fruits, flowers and small crafts. After seeing these things, head south to the Seattle Art Museum, or head down to the pier to visit the Seattle Aquarium. Of course, there are other options, you can walk to Bell Town, watch the Olympic Sculpture Park. Or on the new Ferris wheel in Seattle, overlooking the city. Then stop for a quick lunch at the Macrina Bakery. If you do not feel tired, continue to Bell’s First Avenue, or the city’s Nordstrom depart. In the afternoon, you can shop nearby. In the evening, enjoy dinner in the town of Belle or the city center. Both places have great restaurants for the first time to experience the famed Northwest Pacific cuisine.


Get up early and take a walk to Parker Market. Have a latte at the cafe or enjoy a hearty breakfast, served at Macrina Bakery and at night in the town of Belle or the town. Both places have great restaurants for the first time to experience the famed Northwest Pacific cuisine.

day2: Space Needle – Pacific Science Center – Music Experience Program Museum – Uwajimaya

A two-minute monorail will bring you to Seattle Center from the Westlake Mall in the city. On the space needle, you can see the 360-degree panorama of the city. Then go to some of the ground attractions in the Seattle Center, such as: Pacific Science Center, Children’s Museum, Chihuly Glass Art Exhibition, Music Experience Program Museum and Science Museum. If you did not visit Seattle the day before, you can head to the Olympic Sculpture Park along Southwest’s Broadway. Here you can reach the international area by taxi or bus. After shopping at Uwajima Supermarket here, take a stroll down the street and then go to one of the restaurants in the neighborhood for dinner. Other options: You can skip the Space Needle, skip the Seattle Center and head to Pioneer Square where you can start your day. Visit several galleries (most of them open later in the morning), have a quick glance at the shops, and then head to more nearby places in the international arena. Do not miss the Lu Rongchang Museum of Asian Pacific Americans. If you still want to go to Space Needle, you can go after dinner. Most of the time, the tour desk should be open until 11 p.m.


If you go to the Space Needle in the morning, you can enjoy lunch at noon in the restaurant above, enjoying the beauty of Seattle and the food. In the evening you can also go to the famous Dahlia Lounge restaurant.


Proposed to live in the city center and other places, will be more convenient.

day3: Mount Rainier National Park – University Village

Now that you’ve watched a small part of the city’s attractions, it’s time to get out to the city for nature. Departure early, to the outskirts. Backpackers have many options, and Mount Rainier National Park will never disappoint you. Take a full day to plan an excursion. Calculating the hours of hiking and driving, this park may be a good choice. When you go back to town, you may be tired and hungry. Maybe you crave a sumptuous light meal or an art film. Capitol Hill is a good choice because it belongs to Wallingford and the university district. If you want to come in contact with water, you can take a boat to Bainbridge or Vyson Island. Bainbridge Island is more developed, but it is very beautiful, with a large protected area. Broadbud Sanctuary is a major attraction with trails that lead to bird sanctuaries, secondary forests and themed gardens (only two gardens: a Japanese garden and a mossy garden). Thanks to the daily limit on the number of tourists (reservation required), there is always peace. Vishnu is clearly more agrarian and more understated. The most popular way to see the two islands is by bike, though we noticed some hills in the island of Breequat. Both islands are also beach walk. There are also many shops and gourmet restaurants in Breechi Island. So before returning to the city, you can eat something. There is less time spent visiting the island than hiking. So you can visit one or two spots in the city before going to the pier. If you have not yet gone to the aquarium, these two islands are a great choice to get you close to the ferry.


Of course there are not many restaurants in Mount Rainier National Park, so go for a Paradise Inn restaurant or bring your own. Paseo Caribbean is a must-see Mexican restaurant in the evening when you head to University City.


If you want to spend the night in Mount Rainier National Park, sunrise the next day, you can still stay in the mountains Paradise Inn, if at night to return to downtown Seattle, then, as usual, live in the city center Or university district can be.

day4: Ballard Boulevard – Fremont Art Community – Woodland Park Zoo

Out of travel must place. On the first and second days you have visited the city center, and today you can sleep for a while and visit some of the different residential areas. Enjoy pampered shopping, walking around Capitol Hill, experience coffee culture, and watch pedestrians coming and going. Then leave there and head north to the Lake Washington Canal and Ballard. No matter where you are before the end of the trip, you can comfortably ate breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee at an independent coffee shop and start your day. To relax your legs, head to the Capitol Hill Volunteer Park or follow Burke Gilman Road, from the Fremont Center to the Oilers Ruins Park. Woodland Park Zoo (Fremont, northbound) and Seattle Watergate (“Ballard” Lock) are full of charm. Here you can “hide in” the store and enjoy delicious food to end your day. If you still want to find some late night entertainment, these two places can also add a lot of good choices for your nightlife.


Morning, you can go to an independent cafe for a breakfast, but also the way to pack a little away. At night, go to Canlis, the most famous restaurant in Seattle, for a deluxe evening meal.


Night can live near Capitol Hill, more convenient to greet the bustling nightlife Capitol Hill.

day5: Union Lake – Gasworks Park – Washington University

The last ray of sunshine, the last journey. Spend at least half your time on the last day outside Seattle, visit Discovery Place, or rent kayaks at the University Quarter, starting with Agra Verde Café and Paddle Club, and taking a lap to Portage Beach or Lake Washington. Walk around your favorite neighborhoods (you’ll have a favorite neighborhood on this day). If you want to go to the Washington Botanic Gardens and Japanese-style parks first, take note that you can rent a canoe to explore the two places. From here quickly to the university area.


The last day, of course, to go to eat the most famous seafood restaurant, Daniel’s Broiler can go to the restaurant at night, is also an excellent delicious.


It is recommended to live in the city center near University Village.

If you have enough vacation, the Seattle depth of travel is one of your best choice, where the romantic atmosphere, the most unique city style, you will love here.

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