Chicago has a lot of tourist attractions,the most prominent should be his architectural style,and Chicago is the most typical European and American wind architecture,here is known as the”skyscrapers home”,in addition,there are many interesting place.How can I arrange a free route in Chicago?The following path for everyone to introduce the Chicago three-day tour Raiders,take a look at it~

Chicago tour for three days

Chicago Day Trips Day 1

The day’s trip is centered on Chicago’s city center,starting with the landmarks of the Millennium Park and starting the building tour.In the evening,you can board the skyscrapers overlooking the city’s skyline.Basically rely on walking tour can be.

1.Millennium Park

Play Guide:Millennium Park is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago.Parks in the metal beans”Cloud Gate”is a landmark in Chicago.Looks like a smooth silver beans.Next to the open air concert hall and the shape of the modern crown fountain is also worth a visit.Recommended to arrive at 10:00,play about 1.5 hours.The nearest metro station from the park:Madison/Wabash

Play time:recommended 2-3 hours

Opening hours:Monday-Sunday 8:00-23:00

2.Navy Pier

Play Guide:Next walk along Lake Michigan for about 30 minutes to reach the Navy Pier and see the Chicago skyline at the pier.Originally a freight terminal and warehouse,now all over the shops,open air bars,restaurants and cinemas,as well as Ferris wheel and carousel and other recreational facilities,and ultimately,street snacks.It is recommended to arrive at noon,lunch and play for about 2 hours.

Play time:recommended 2-4 hours

Opening hours:April 1,2017-May 25:Sunday-Thursday 10:00-20:00,Friday,Saturday 10:00-22:00;June 1-September 2:Sunday-Thursday 10:00-22:00,Friday,Saturday 10:00-24:00.More holiday time can check the official website.

The distance between the two places is about 1.8 km:the bus is about 25 minutes

3.Chicago Riverside Trail

Play Guide:Take the cruise on the Chicago River cruise to enjoy the city,the more famous is the Chicago Building Foundation organized the architectural tour,the river will be more than 50 famous buildings on the river.Duration 1.5 hours,need to arrive 30 minutes in advance.It is recommended to arrive at 15:00 and stay for 2 hours.The pier of the building is located at 112 E.Wacker Drive,about 20 minutes walk from Navy Pier.Navy terminal itself has a lot of cruise ships can choose.

The distance between the two places is about 1.7 km:the bus is about 22 minutes

Chicago Day Trips Day 2

4.Willis Building

Play guide:evening boarded Willis Building,where was the world’s tallest building,442.3 meters high.The summit can overlook the panoramic view of the Chicago skyline,and you can also climb the full glass viewing platform to stimulate.It is recommended to arrive at 17:30 pm,play for 1.5 hours and enjoy the beauty of the lanterns on the building.From the cruise ship to walk about 25 minutes,you can also take the subway blue line from Clark/Lake to Jackson.

Play time:recommended 2-3 hours

Opening hours:March-September:9:00-22:00,October-the following year February 10:00-20:00,30 minutes before closing closed admission.

Ticket Price:¥102

The distance between the two places is about 2.6 km:the bus is about 26 minutes

5.Pizzeria Uno

Playing Guide:Dinner Eating a Chicago-inspired deep pizza bar.Pizzeria UNO is the taste of the deep pizza fame the largest shop,affordable,the door often long queue.If you are not interested in the deep pizza,there are many other options around the restaurant.Pizzeria UNO is located in the heart of Chicago’s East Ohio St,within walking distance.

Cuisine:Italian cuisine Pizza

Today’s attractions are mainly concentrated in the Michigan Avenue area,feel the gorgeous buildings in Chicago.Afternoon in the United States,one of the three major art museums in the Chicago Museum of Art,enjoy the collection of massive impressionist works of art.

6.Lake Michigan

Play Guide:Morning walk to Lake Michigan for a walk.This is one of the five Great Lakes in North America,the lake is like a beach-like beauty.Downtown Michigan Lake is a beach where you can see the coexistence of sand and skyline.Take the metro red line to Chicago-Red to the lake.

Play time:recommended 1-2 hours

Opening hours:open all day

The distance between the two places is about 2.7 km:the bus is about 23 minutes

Chicago Day Trips Day 3

7.Water Tower Square

Play Guide:Next came to the north of the city water tower square,where there are several shopping centers can be strolled,as well as the Chicago fire survived the fourth elders hall.

Opening hours:Monday-Saturday 10:00-21:00,Sunday 11:00-18:00.

Category:Integrated shopping malls

The distance between the two places is about 379 meters:walk for about 5 minutes

8.Michigan Avenue

Play Guide:Here because of its bustling scene has a”gorgeous mile”reputation.All over the world’s best restaurants,hotels and shops.Window layout called a King,along the street building is also very beautiful.It is also a good place to shop.You can play 2-3 hours and find a restaurant with lunch.

Play time:recommended 2-3 hours

Opening hours:open all day

The distance between the two places is about 1.7 km:the bus is about 14 minutes


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