Summer is approaching, do you arrange a beautiful trip to the children? Not only to relax themselves, but also to enhance the feelings between children. Misi Las Vegas travel is your best choice, where the world’s most spectacular Grand Canyon, there are fine museums and churches and so on. For the Las Vegas free travel tourists, and ultimately, a detailed Las Vegas tour Raiders, the following path to introduce the best route for Las Vegas three-day tour, and children to feel the nature together The charm of it!

Las Vegas 3 day tour
Las Vegas Three Day Tour Day 1 Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is very large, so arrange a day to visit.

Grand Canyon National Park

Play guide: the Grand Canyon cut from the Colorado River, vertical rolling cliffs show red, orange, yellow magic color and unique texture, the foot of the valley depth of 1500 meters, imposing.

Play time: 1 day recommended

Opening Hours: The South Gorge is open throughout the year, and the North Gorge is open in mid-October.

Las Vegas Three Day Tour Day 2

Go to Las Vegas Boulevard (long street), which is the busiest road to the casino. At night to see the Paris hotel Eiffel Tower, can not go to Paris, here to see the miniature version is also very good.

Previous day destination: Grand Canyon National Park
The distance between the two places is about 340 kilometers: about 4 hours and 17 minutes by car
2. Las Vegas Boulevard

Play Guide: Las Vegas Boulevard on both sides of the distribution of a large number of world-class hotels, casinos and resorts, each hotel has its own characteristics, just visit a home hotel, you can spend a day. You can go to New York New York hotel to take a roller coaster, in the Venetian Hotel artificial river sitting Gondola. After the night, neon flashing light the whole street, here is worthy of the night city.

Play time: 3-5 hours recommended

Opening hours: open all day

Distance between the two places about 382 meters: walk about 5 minutes

3. Paris Hotel Eiffel Tower

Play Guide: It is a Paris-themed casino hotel, the biggest feature is the original tower of the five-fifths of the imitation of the Eiffel Tower. In addition, you can enjoy authentic French cuisine here, dinner may wish to solve it here

Play time: 1 hour recommended

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 – the next day 0:30, Saturday, Sunday 9:30 – the next day 1:00.

Las Vegas Three Day Tour Day 3

In addition to the casino can be large and small “luck gambling”, you can also feel the romantic and humane atmosphere here. White chapel is a lot of celebrity wedding place, romantic one after the afternoon to visit the Natural History Museum.

Travel to the United States of America in Las Vegas
Little white chapel

Play guide: elegant, exquisite chapel, the surrounding environment is also good, many people make a special trip to this wedding, where you can register immediately after the wedding.

Play time: 1 hour recommended

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 8: 00-24: 00,365 days all year round.

The distance between the two places is about 3.3 km: the bus is about 23 minutes

5. Natural History Museum of Las Vegas

Play guide: very professional museum, visitors take the time to visit it. Many beautifully produced animal specimens, next to a small gift shop, the children will love.

Play time: recommended 2-3 hours

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 9:00 – 16:00, January 1 and Easter 11: 00-16: 00, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day closed.

2017, to the United States and West must experience such a Las Vegas three-day tour, do not let yourself leave regret.

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