Beautiful West is a very good travel experience, driving along with music all the way to watch the California Highway, Yellowstone Park, antelope canyons and other natural beauty. Xiaobian for everyone to prepare the classic US West by car line, bring the United States West Coast Tourism Raiders, take you to see the United States and the United States!

US West by car line 1: San FranciscoLos Angeles

Right hand heaven (sea), left hand hell (Rocky Mountains cliff), California, the United States is the most popular road in North America by car route, no one. Highway designers are also witty, but where there is beauty will repair a viewing platform, will not block traffic, do not let your camera flapping. The beauty of a road must be from the north to the south, because only from north to south, your car will be close to the coastline side, the opposite direction, then you can only think of life in the cliff.

United States West Zijia Tour Line 2: Los Angeles – Joshua Tree National Park – Palm Springs

If you are interested in the national park and the western natural style, it is recommended to start from Los Angeles, all the way along the 10th road east to Joshua tree country park. Joshua Tree National Park is located in the middle of the Colorado Desert and Mohawi Desert, where a large desert, while driving the side of the main road to enjoy the bizarre trees and stones, you can also stop taking pictures from time to time. In addition to the natural landscape of the park, you can also visit the old site of the reclamation and ranch, the mining area and the Indians. Not far from the Joshua Tree National Park is the Palm Springs and the Palm Desert, it is the oasis in the desert, like the sister of the shopping can go to Palm Springs Outlet, hundreds of big discount stores , 50% of the annual discount, to ensure that the stroll to cool!

US West by car line 3: San Francisco – Seattle

Like the wind like rain and foggy hazy sea view of the children’s shoes, from San Francisco north to Seattle’s road trip must have a good experience. The road will go through several national forest parks, and the most well-known non-red cedar national park must go, California 45% of the mahogany are growing here, these have hundreds of thousands of years of history of the largest Sequoia highest More than a hundred meters, some trees can also be for the car through, is the world’s oldest forest belt. After the mahogany forest came to the Oregon capital Portland, continue north to Seattle, Yishanbangshui, was named the world “the most suitable for human habitation” one of the cities.

US West by car line 4: Las Vegas – the United States and the West National Park

The Southwest Giant Ring is a famous tour route, with many landscapes connecting the National Parks, National Protected Areas and so on. Along the way the strange scenery, the desert wilderness, rocky rugged, along the way through many of the most famous national parks and other attractions such as: Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Bao Wei Lake, antelope canyon and so on. This is a very energetic trip, the magnificent nature, the magic of nature, people deeply shocked. And finally back to Las Vegas, to join the feasting, wash away a dust and fatigue.

After reading the United States West Coast travel Raiders, is not on the United States West Zijia You already have a clear planning and arrangements, the old drivers are quick to feel the charm of the United States and the unique it!

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